We create trends!

We are Confecções Amaral & Filhos, Lda. (C.A.F.), a company based in Barcelos, heart of Portuguese textile companies, and for the last twenty-five years we have been dedicated to the manufacture and sale of textile products.

The C.A.F. includes in its structure the sectors of samples, cutting, confection and packaging. All internal and subcontracted processes are strictly controlled by the company.

We are specialized in the development and finishing of pieces, especially in cotton, cotton/elastane, terry, viscose and various fabrics.

In recent years we have developed our own collection that we sell to the best ready-to-wear retail chains, mostly in the national and Spanish markets.

Contrary to the stagnation of our economy, we have had an increase in our sales, mainly because we are betting on a strong and complete collection of women's and men's pieces, following the colors of fashion, with a fast replacement service and continuous support to our esteemed customers. .

Mission, vision and values


To be a textile producer that controls the entire manufacturing process to the highest standard Of Quality. Having a competent and specialized team in the quick and flexible to the requests of business partners, aiming at strengthening their loyalty.

Allowing to reach new markets of higher quality segments. adding value to partners.

Ensure the sector's sustainability by investing in people's training and well-being.


To be the reference company in the casual clothing market, particularly for the best brands in the world ready-to-wear, promoting the sustainability of the entire production process. In order to answer all innovative requests from business partners, guaranteeing standards of differentiation through quality.


CAF wants to be recognized for its Excellence, Efficacy and Quality, the moment demandsAmbition, Stability and Commitment.

We offer our customers Quality, Innovation and Speed, we work as a team with knowledge and competence.



  • CAF - Confecções Amaral e Filhos, Lda.
    Rua de S.Sebastião, Nº 810
    4750-542 Lijó - Barcelos
  • +351 253 884 419
    +351 253 884 312
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